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Portland Cement Stucco

Portland Cement Stucco, commonly known as California finish stucco is the most economical stucco system available. California stucco is Portland cement-based, water resistant wall cladding system that can withstand many climatic conditions. Due to its durability and longevity, cement stucco gained immense popularity throughout Edmonton and Alberta in general. Furthermore, it has variety of color options to choose from and is impact-resistant. When properly installed, this stucco system provides a life time protection against many potential hazards. 

With this type of stucco, the application process is more basic, however requires the same, if not more skilled hands to apply. It consists of four layers for complete installation. Firstly, we create a scratch coat by laying metal lathe around the building’s frame. After that, we apply the first layer to adhere the stucco to the building wall. The second coat, evens out the surface and is very thick. Lastly, we add the finish and the texture. Texture is either applied by using a trowel or sprayed with a stucco sprayer which is connected to an air compressor. When properly installed, this stucco siding has a life time of 50-80 years.

Portland Cement Stucco Textures


California Finish

Heavy Lace

Spanish Finish


Trowel Sweep

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Over the years, we have repaired countless Portland cement stucco systems on many residential homes and commercial buildings. Due to non-skilled labor work and weak handling, many buildings in Edmonton suffered from various water leakage and crack damages.

Due to these issues, there has been a shift towards EIFS stucco in the market, which covers more technical and detailed protection against various hazards. However, same mentality of bad business sense persistently remains. We at Solida Construction will gladly take on any job that requires restoration, complete retrofitting and repairs of any California Finish style and EIFS stucco buildings to provide excellent results that will require no future worries.